Private Conversations: 20 artists (plus you!) paint with Andre Hart, on view through November 13

Inimitable local enigma Andre Hart collaborates with 20 peers to explore and ultimately set aside traditional notions of authorship and individual control in art making. Each work in the exhibition is a collaboration between Andre and one other artist. Working with seasoned professionals to novice painters, our strong-willed project instigator defers to and shares line, texture, and narrative with each artistic partner. Andre has prepared an additional work where visitors can draw into a self portrait of the artist and curator to create a community collaboration over the course of the exhibition.

opening reception: First Friday, October 7, 7-10pm
second chance reception: First Friday, November 4, 7-10pm
exhibition: October 8 through November 13

Enrique Alvarado
Maria Amigo
Ruby Bloo
Phil Bongiorno
Lacey Bryant
Tulio Flores
Force 129
Mathew Heimgartner
Brittni M. Jennings
Felipe Jimenez
Avery Palmer
Anthony Palomo
James Pollard
Alfred Preciado
Jazmyn Saucedo
Maggie So
David Sosa
Monica Valdez
Andre Hart

Vote Your Subconscience: 2016 member exhibition, on view through September 11

Vote Your Subconscience: the 2016 member exhibition

opening reception: First Friday, August 5 from 7pm to 10pm
exhibition: August 6 through September 11

Works’ 2016 member exhibition will be a broad survey of election-year art. From confronting political issues head-on to escaping them altogether, this non-juried exhibit is set to reveal the conscious and subconscious conscience of our artistic electorate. 75 artists who support community art and performance through Works are participating!

Deep at the Surface on view through July 10

Deep at the Surface
opening reception: First Friday, June 3, 7–10pm
exhibition: June 4 through July 10, 2016

curator and artists talk with closing reception: Saturday, July 9, 6pm
admission free, light refreshments served
join the event on Facebook!

Artists Elvira M. Dayel, Sharon Kyle Kuhn, and Victoria Welling construct an invented, fragmented, and reassembled environment. The artists explore the balance and unavoidable conflicts between beauty and repulsion, chaos and order, and the never ending battle to resolve shifting urban realities.

Elvira Dayel explores personal interpretations of reality. New constructs become a vital part of nature, offering a resolution to our struggle to obtain balance in our built environment. Abstracted and delineated shapes depict new landscapes we might all fit into.

Sharon Kyle Kuhn turns the chaos of fragmented pieces of construction debris into orderly compositions that tightly hold together. She explores the small details of urban life that most people would describe as ‘ugly’ or often overlook as irregular pieces of industrial materials.

Victoria Welling explores relationships with nature while stimulating sensory responses with materials, texture, and composition. The result is a body of work that leads the viewer down a path toward sensory overload with a delicate yet bold dialogue between beauty and repulsion.

CALL for Art: 2016 Member Exhibition!

Each member of Works/San José, and those who would like to join or renew, are invited to participate in the member exhibition in August! Please download the CALL for instructions:


exhibition title:
Vote Your Subconscience: the 2016 member exhibition

art delivery (download the CALL for details):
Sunday, July 24, 2 to 4pm, Friday, July 29, 5 to 7pm, or Saturday, July 30, 2 to 4pm
365 South Market Street (Market Street edge of SJ Convention Center building, downtown San José)

opening reception: First Friday, August 5 from 7pm to 10pm
exhibition: August 6 through September 11
annual member meeting and art pick-up party: Sunday, September 11, 4-6pm

Inter/Action on view through May 22

Inter/Action: Digital Art that Responds, a highly interactive digital and systems art exhibition, will be the first ever art exhibition presented as part of a CHI (pronounced kai) conference, the top world-wide conference for human-computer interaction. Curated by Jason Challas and Ernest Edmonds, the exhibit combines 23 international and local artists. Inter/Action is presented in collaboration with ACM SIGCHI CHI2016.

Opening night preview: Friday, May 6, 7-10pm

Open to the public during special CHI conference hours:
11am to 7:30pm May 9–12
Reception for CHI attendees:
Tuesday, May 10, 6–8pm
On view through May 22 during regular hours: 
Fridays 12–6, Saturdays and Sundays 12–4

Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Garth Paine
Anna Weisling
Antonio Daniele
George Poonkhin Khut
Peter Beyls & Andre Perrotta
Masa Jazbec & Floris Erich
Judith Doyle & Naoto Hieda
Jennifer Seevinck
Steve Durie & Bruce Gardner
Esther Rolinson & Sean Clark
Celia Pearce, Gillian Smith, Jeanie Choi & Isabella Carlsson
Laewoo Kang
Irene Posch & Ebru Kurbak
Anil Camci

Also during this exhibition:
Well-RED poetry reading, Tuesday, May 10, 8:30pm
doors open 8pm following the CHI attendee reception

Flash Fiction Forum, Wednesday, May 18, 7pm
$2 donation

“Badlands: Borders from Within” on view through April 24

Badlands: Borders from Within

Opening Night: Friday, April 1, 7-10pm
On View: April 2 through 24, 2016

Artists Lordy Rodriguez, Jack Toolin, Wanda Waldera, and site-specific installation by Neila Mezynski, explore borders from a macro to micro perspective—mapping imaginary terrains, contrasting landscapes, and evoking individual isolation. The exhibition also includes images and animations from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.

Badlands is presented by Works as part of the Border Cantos program of exhibitions with San José Museum of Art.

Sci-Fi Folk on view through March 20

Sci-Fi Folk
opening reception: Friday March 4, 7-10pm
exhibition: March 5 through 20, 2016

film showing: Saturday, March 12, 6pm
“A Trip to the Moon”
restored in its original 1902 colors
“The Extraordinary Voyage”
documentary on the restoration of “A Trip to the Moon” followed by a brief tour of the exhibition with artists Dolores Zorreguieta and Genevieve Quick. All admission free!

Artists Frank Aguilar, Deborah Edmeades, Genevieve Quick, and Dolores Zorreguieta present a dystopian view in their search for new century survival tactics. Issues dear to science fiction and folk tales: the paranormal, the esoteric, and the futuristic are recognized in work depicting monstrosity, metamorphosis, and epic journeys to alien worlds.

Exhibition continues through March 20.
Curated by Dolores Zorreguieta.

SUPER Hunger Anti-Valentine BOWL Games Part 50 on view through Feb 21

An open community exhibition in which artists were invited to comment on the sport and the season. Fifty area artists responded with work that honors or lampoons either and both. Join us as we somewhat irreverently open Super Bowl weekend next door to the Carolina Panthers as well as NFL and NFC operations.

Opening Reception: First Friday, February 5, 6pm–10pm
On opening night and Saturday, visit our photo booth at Winter MRKT street fair on South First Street to have your helmeted portrait added to a video installation at the gallery!

Join the opening night event on Facebook!

Exhibition continues through February 21.

Call for Art: SUPER Hunger Anti-Valentine BOWL Games Part 50


Open CALL to artists: Works/San José will host a community exhibition opening First Friday February 5 (Superbowl weekend). Our location—next door to where the NFC team will be staying and their operations will be held—seems a good excuse to ask artists to comment on sport and the season! What would you like to show and express to droves of fans on Superbowl weekend?

Drop Off Times:
Friday, Janyary 29, 4pm-6pm
Saturday, January 30, noon-4pm

Exhibition Agreement Form (PDF)

No Fees. One piece per person. Exhibition runs through February 21. Your work may be for sale if you wish. Work must be completely ready to hang/display. We are not restricting size but the space is limited and we expect about 80 artists based on previous calls. We expect many thousands of fans in the area on opening night and throughout that weekend. There are no restrictions on the point of view work might have. Works will also be participating in the SoFA/NFL street fair on South First Street.

Join the CALL Event on Facebook!

Benefit Art Auction is 12/12!

118 works of art have been donated by regional artists to Works’ 2015 Benefit Auction. Now it’s your turn to support community art and performance by bidding in the region’s most accessible and eclectic art auction!

opening night: First Friday, December 4, 6pm to 10pm

exhibition: open every day 2pm to 6pm December 5 through 12

Auction night: Saturday, December 12, 6pm party, 7pm live auction!

Opening night, exhibition, and Auction attendance is free, bidder registration is only $20, $10 members of Works.

Download complete Auction art list here.

Auction art previews (many more to come):