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Silver Ochre Live, November 19!

AC Villa and Thollem transform the mundane into the exotic in a mesmerizing sonic and visual environment.
“intense and virtuosic…” -TimeOut NY

Silver Ochre Live takes the audience into sonic and visual environments, passing between elegant lines and questionable borders, through diffused stories and striking beauty. This visual/sonic combination transforms the mundane into the exotic and reveals the familiar in the strange. Thollem and ACVilla’s collaboration reflect their decade of perpetual touring. ACVilla’s experimental videography and Thollem’s spontaneous compositions reveal the curiosity and ease with which they surf the extremes that travel inevitably presents.

Eventbrite - Silver Ochre Live: Thollem Electric/ACVilla

ACVilla has been nomadic since 2008 working as an artist’s facilitator, grant writer and photo-videographer. Her interest in, and study of, lines is evident in the ways she accentuates them, erases them and crosses them in every aspect of her life. A summer nomad since her second decade, she had become a perpetual peripatetic traveler by her fourth. After living in a log cabin in the California coastal redwood forest and helping rebuild a 100-year old adobe abode in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, she found herself receiving mail in Mexico City, Prague and Thessaloniki, among other places. She has seeded ideas and plants, penned thoughts, shaped clay and wire, and witnessed the sunsets over both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, all the while seeing and listening to Life in new and unique ways.

Thollem is a peripatetic pianist/keyboardist, composer, improviser, singer-songwriter, author and educator. His compositions and performances range from the sub-genres of post-classical, free jazz, noise, punk rock and ecclecticism. He has been touring perpetually throughout North America and Europe since 2006, performing solo works as well as collaborating with an array of musicians, dancers and filmmakers including ACVilla, Martha Colburn and Manucinema (Tuia Cherici). The music for Silver Ochre is inspired and influenced by the incredible array of music heard in this multi-cultural country including but not limited to: Corridos, Gamelan, Taiko, Free Jazz, Noise, Post-Classical, Arabic, Blues, Circus music and more, all filtered through the lens of an experimental piano player.

“ACVilla’s vibrant footage is expertly matched to Thollem’s strangely nuanced sonic output.” – Live Eye TV

“An intense and virtuosic keyboardist” (TimeOut NY) with “fluid keys pulverization” (Spin Magazine), Thollem possesses “an attractively extreme viewpoint” (LA Times).

Music, Poetry, and Creative Events at Works:

Haptic Synapses

Haptic Synapses
Saturday, September 28, 8:30pm
$5 general; Free for Works members and C2SV attendees
presented as part of the C2SV Music festival

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Haptic Synapses is a group of electronic musicians and artists based in the heart of Silicon Valley who join together to improvise long sets of music and visuals. Preparation is minimal, so what you see and hear is a realtime expression of their collective aesthetic. HS’ style bridges between techno and house, with elements of swing, abstract polyrhythms, generative algorithms, and patterns. HS are musicians, engineers, builders, makers, technicians who interpret the heartbeat of Silicon Valley.

Well-RED Reading Series
Tuesday October 8, 2013, 7:00pm, doors open 6:30
Featured poets: John Espinoza, Kirk Glazer
$2 suggested donation, no one turned away
presented in collaboration with Poetry Center San José

Flash Fiction Forum
Wednesday October 9, 2013, 7:00pm
The Flash Fiction Forum is a San Jose Event featuring selected flash fiction writers whose work is chosen for reading aloud at Works/San José. Generally, we convene every other month, the second Wednesday from 7 to 9pm. You can get more information and submit work through the website:


Words Drawing Music
Thursday, October 10, 7 to 9pm
A fun, friendly environment where artists and others can enjoy inspirational poetry and music while exploring artistic creativity. we provide paper and drawing materials or feel free to bring your own (no paints please). An open mic is open to all! We invite all artists, poets, musicians, comedians, etc. Show your talents at Works! Admission Free.

some sounds we like » san jose techno jam session #1

Check out the results of the electronic music event that happened in the gallery last night!

some sounds we like » san jose techno jam session #1.

December 2008 Board Meeting

The board of directors will be meeting at Works/San Jose on December 10th, 2008 at ~6:30pm in the gallery. If you are interested in volunteering for pretty much anything at Works, please join us so we can chat with you about the volunteer opportunities we have. Thanks! Hope to see you there.

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Jane Przybysz

Erin Goodwin-Guerrero writes:

Hello Silicon Valley Art Community,

Jane Przybysz, Director of San Jose’s Museum of Quilts and Textiles,
was in a head-on collision in Napa this week end. A driver took a sudden left turn in front of her car, tried to correct at the last minute, and ended up hitting Jane and her husband directly. Their car is totaled, Mark has broken foot and Jane is in the hospital with three chipped vertebrae.

Today, Wednesday, Jane is being fitted for a back brace. Tomorrow she will be released to come back to San Jose.

Many people have asked ARTSHIFT where they can send flowers. Jane and her staff are saying that Jane’s fundraising efforts are going to be greatly curtailed as a result of this setback, so they would love people to send donations to the Museum of Quilts and Textiles, instead of flowers. This is an excellent idea, because, let’s face it, our arts institutions are usually cash-strapped and balancing precariously. In these economic times, some cash contributions to the Museum’s fundraising would be most welcome and lift everyone’s spirits!

As you come by the Museum of Quilts and textiles this First Friday, please leave a substantial contribution. Neither flowers nor art are cheap!

Thank you,
Erin Goodwin-Guerrero, Editor


Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Jane and her husband! When you come down for first friday, please do stop by our neighbor, the Museum of Quilts and Textiles, and give generously if you can.

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Music at Works, Saturday September 20th, 2008

The Albert Square and other indie rock bay area bands are performing this Saturday, 9/20 at Works/San Jose

* You Can Do It, Old Boy! (Livermore), formerly called the “Altamont Union”.
* The Albert Square (San Jose)
* Phantom Float (San Francisco)
* Pteradon, (San Jose) formerly known as “November Trials” is currently signed on to Campbell record label Asian Man Records.

Click here to get all of the details!

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September 2008 Board Meeting

The board of directors will be meeting at Works/San Jose on September 10th, 2008 at ~6:30pm in the gallery. If you are interested in volunteering for pretty much anything at Works, please join us so we can chat with you about the volunteer opportunities we have. Thanks! Hope to see you there.

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August 2008 Board Meeting

The board of directors will be meeting at Works/San Jose on August 14th, 2008 at ~6:00pm in the gallery. If you are interested in volunteering for pretty much anything at Works, please join us so we can chat with you about the volunteer opportunities we have. Thanks! Hope to see you there.

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Members’ Exhibit 2008 opening night photos

We had an amazing opening! Thanks to everyone who participated! At the end of the night, we counted over 800 people having walked through the door. Even adjusting for people re-entering the gallery after leaving for a while, this is still a record high turnout for a members’ exhibit opening night. Thank you again! Please continue to bring your friends out to the gallery to see this amazing collection of community art.

Here are some photos from the opening. If you have more, email for instructions on how to make them available to be seen on our website.

Steve Cooley took these:

Img 0015 Img 0016 Img 0017 Img 0018 Img 0019

Andrew Ho took these photos:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Join our Flickr pool here:

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Action packed night – December 13, 2007

Tomorrow night, we have not one, but TWO events going on in the gallery.

First up at 7pm is the Artists’ Talk for the current show in the gallery:

in august, 2007, a residency and workshop hosted by silpakorn university, in bangkok, thailand, included three san josé state faculty artists who were invited to participate as part of a larger exchange with several california universities. the artists were directed to address the theme of world environment, and the conclusion of the bangkok portion of the exchange was a major exhibition showing the results of this effort. the exhibition here at works/san josé presents new work from the california portion of this ongoing exchange. learn more at a free Artists’ Talk 7pm, thursday, december 13

And following up promptly at 8pm is the inaugural Share – San Jose meetup and electronic music and visuals jam session:

SHARE is an organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities. Local SHARE groups hold free, open jams and workshops in their communities. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into our system, improvise on each others’ signal and perform live audio and video. SHARE furnishes the amplification and projection. SHARE happens weekly to monthly in cities around the world, where interesting things happen. This site is dedicated to the San Jose chapter of SHARE. We hope to have monthly get-togethers and have a lot of fun. To be involved in SHARE events, please join:

The SHARE San Jose mailing list

Our next (first!) meeting is December 13, 8pm, at Works Gallery. More details on the Current_events page.

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