Exhibition and Open Call: Alternative Facts

Works/San José announces an open call for art!
Exhibition title: Alternative Facts

Art drop off dates: March 25 and 26, 1pm-4pm
No Fees. One piece per person.
No Jury, but space limitations may apply.
Original work only with artist as copyright holder.
Your work may be for sale if you wish.
Please notify us if you plan to ship artwork.
Opening Reception: First Friday, April 7, 7-10pm
Exhibition dates: April 8 to 23, 2017
Closing and Art Pick-up Party: Sunday, April 23, 4-6pm

Download the Agreement Form (we’ll have copies at the intake days)

“Alternative Facts” will be an exhibition of artistic statements, which can be concrete to abstract. There are no content requirements and Works has no political agenda in offering this open opportunity. We are open to all media so long as practical for our space, including pictorial work, sculpture, video, etc. You need not be a member to participate (our member-only exhibition will be in August).

Please consider sending a high-resolution image of your piece in advance for website and press promotion to gallery@workssanjose.org or send link to larger files at Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Some of the work promised so far:

Chafismo continues through March 12

Chafismo: An Introduction to New Forms of Art Post-Rasquachismo

opening reception: First Friday, February 3, 2017, 7-10pm
opening reception performance by DJ Telepathic Juan tocando DIY Pop y Mexican Kitsch
free refreshments and no-host bar
exhibition: February 4 through March 12, 2017
curated by Angelica Muro and Hector Dionicio Mendoza

talk with the curators: Saturday, March 11, 5pm
Dr. Amalia Mesa-Bains will moderate a discussion with Angelica Muro and Hector Dionisio Mendoza, curators of the exhibition. Doors open 4:30. Free admission and free light refreshments.
See the talk event on Facebook!

Featuring work by Sita Bhaumik, Felix d’Eon, Karla Diaz, Monique Islam, Prole Arts Collective (Nosfe and Rarotonga), Isaías D. Rodríguez, and Arnoldo Vargas, this exhibition re-examines social based-phantom culture by sampling and appropriating sources that are linked to both high and low culture through use of materials that convey social-economic and political class, race, gender, and sexuality. Chafismo highlights work that moves towards the current dialogue surrounding the complexity within ChicanX practices. This often means artists giving a critical voice to prevailing theoretical paradigms that frame arte y cultura as long relegated issues that should be expanding our understanding of positionality, value, and worth. By questioning established standard tenets as idle, a new approach and visual language can emerge to probe the conventionality of what is considered broken, irreverent, or complacent.

Works opens 2017 with January readings and exhibition February First Friday

January Events:
Discount Art Sale at each January event!

Well-RED monthly poetry reading
Tuesday, January 10, 2017, doors open 6pm, reading starts 7pm
Featured Poets: Joyce E Young and Dane Corvine
open mic follows
admission: $2 donation; no one turned away

Flash Fiction Forum
Wednesday, January 11, 2017, doors open 6:30pm, reading starts 7pm
a wide range of featured flash fiction readings
see how to participate at www.flashfictionforum.com
admission: $2 donation; no one turned away

Next Exhibition:

Chafismo: An Introduction to New Forms of Art Post-Rasquachismo
Opening Reception: First Friday, February 3, 2017, 7-10pm
Exhibition: February 4 through March 12, 2017

Works opens its 40th anniversary year with an exhibition curated by Angelica Muro and Hector Dionisio Mendoza. Chafismo re-examines social based-phantom culture by sampling and appropriating sources that are linked to both high and low culture through use of materials that convey social-economic and political class, race, gender, and sexuality. This often means giving a new function to something that would conventionally be considered broken, irreverent, or complacent.

Benefit Auction is December 10; exhibit open all week 2-6pm

Works’ Benefit Art Auction is the most eclectic and accessible in the area and will feature 100 works from local and regional artists. Support your community art center and make a bid for freedom of expression!

opening reception: First Friday, December 2, 6-10pm
exhibition: open every day, December 3 through 10, 2-6pm
auction night: Saturday, December 10, refreshments start 6pm, auction at 7pm

Exhibit and Auction entry is FREE. Bidder registration is just $20, $10 members of Works.
“Buy it now” available throughout the exhibit for 110% of retail.

Benefit Auction artists (more previews of art being added):
Fernando “force129” Amaro Jr.
Robert Appleton
Erica Atreya
Amy Beans
Shannon Belardi
Linda Bennati
Lydia Rae Black
James A Bonacci
Steve Borelli
Kelley Bryant
Christine Bunz
Michael Buscemi
Cynthia Cao
Chris Carrillo
Valentina Carrillo
Antonio Castro
Jay Cee
D. Cichon
Sara Cole
Binh Danh
Terry Acebo Davis
Sachin Deshpande
Danielle Dufayet
Kathryn Dunlevie
Jarid Duran
Christopher Elliman
Rachel Forrest
Doug Glovaski
Bill Gould
Kevin Guerrero
Karen Haas
Reeva Harrison
Andre Hart
Marilynn Host
Gloria Huet
Deborah Kennedy
Sandra Khoury
Irena Kononova
Anna Koster
Betty Franks Krause
Charlotte Kruk
Katherine Levin-Lau
Diane Levinson
Michael Levy
Bette Linderman
Kristin Lindseth
Oleg Lobykin
Claire R. Lynch
Marwa Mabrouk
Leslie MacDonald
Yvonne Magener
Mark Martinez
Tony May
Renae McCollum
Keith Melot
Thérèsa Merchant
Julie Meridian
Joe Miller
Clayton Moraga
Angelica Muro
James Ong
Sonia Orban-Price
Gianfranco Paolozzi
Elizabeth Parashis
Ljiljana Petkovic
James Pollard
Alfred Preciado
Francisco Ramirez
George Rivera
Judy Rookstool
Michael Rosenthal
Steven Rubalcaba
Jay Ruland
Anne Ryals
Tim Ryan
Kurt Salinas
Masha Schultz
Gary Singh
Becca Smidt
Maggie So
Everett Taasevigan
Corinne O. Takara
Lynne Todaro
Janet Trenchard
Timothy Tsun
Consuelo Jimenez Underwood
Jim Vetter
Moe Whalen
Jeff Whited
Alayne Yellum
Carl Yoshihara
with collected work by:
Leslie MacDonald
Adele Mostar
David Pace
Grace Purpura
Goldmine Shithouse
Jack Toolin

Silver Ochre Live, November 19!

AC Villa and Thollem transform the mundane into the exotic in a mesmerizing sonic and visual environment.
“intense and virtuosic…” -TimeOut NY

Silver Ochre Live takes the audience into sonic and visual environments, passing between elegant lines and questionable borders, through diffused stories and striking beauty. This visual/sonic combination transforms the mundane into the exotic and reveals the familiar in the strange. Thollem and ACVilla’s collaboration reflect their decade of perpetual touring. ACVilla’s experimental videography and Thollem’s spontaneous compositions reveal the curiosity and ease with which they surf the extremes that travel inevitably presents.

Eventbrite - Silver Ochre Live: Thollem Electric/ACVilla

ACVilla has been nomadic since 2008 working as an artist’s facilitator, grant writer and photo-videographer. Her interest in, and study of, lines is evident in the ways she accentuates them, erases them and crosses them in every aspect of her life. A summer nomad since her second decade, she had become a perpetual peripatetic traveler by her fourth. After living in a log cabin in the California coastal redwood forest and helping rebuild a 100-year old adobe abode in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, she found herself receiving mail in Mexico City, Prague and Thessaloniki, among other places. She has seeded ideas and plants, penned thoughts, shaped clay and wire, and witnessed the sunsets over both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, all the while seeing and listening to Life in new and unique ways.

Thollem is a peripatetic pianist/keyboardist, composer, improviser, singer-songwriter, author and educator. His compositions and performances range from the sub-genres of post-classical, free jazz, noise, punk rock and ecclecticism. He has been touring perpetually throughout North America and Europe since 2006, performing solo works as well as collaborating with an array of musicians, dancers and filmmakers including ACVilla, Martha Colburn and Manucinema (Tuia Cherici). The music for Silver Ochre is inspired and influenced by the incredible array of music heard in this multi-cultural country including but not limited to: Corridos, Gamelan, Taiko, Free Jazz, Noise, Post-Classical, Arabic, Blues, Circus music and more, all filtered through the lens of an experimental piano player.

“ACVilla’s vibrant footage is expertly matched to Thollem’s strangely nuanced sonic output.” – Live Eye TV

“An intense and virtuosic keyboardist” (TimeOut NY) with “fluid keys pulverization” (Spin Magazine), Thollem possesses “an attractively extreme viewpoint” (LA Times).


Call for Art: the Benefit Auction needs you!

Artists who believe in Works: please support community art and performance! Works needs you as we enter our 40th anniversary year!

Art delivery: 365 South Market Street, downtown San José
three days from noon to 4pm:
Saturday, November 19, Sunday, November 20, and Saturday, November 26

Please confirm now that you will contribute by sending an email to auction@workssanjose.org with your name, email address, phone number, and web page if applicable, so that we can include you in auction press releases and on this website. If you send a photo of the art you are donating we will include that in early publicity. If phone is better, you can leave a message with your information at 408.300.6405.

Your work should be ready to hang or display with any frame, glass, etc., as appropriate to your piece. As just one token of our appreciation, we offer you a free one year membership for work sold at auction. Artists may choose to donate 100% of the sale price to Works or retain up to 20%. More instructions on the CALL below!

Download the CALL HERE for complete instructions!
Download the AGREEMENT FORM HERE to bring with your artwork (we’ll have them at drop off too).

Opening Reception: 6pm to 10pm, First Friday, December 2
Special exhibition hours: open every day, 2pm to 6pm, December 3 through 10
Auction: Saturday, December 10 with party starting at 6pm and Auction at 7pm sharp!

All proceeds support exhibitions, performances, education events, and more, at Works/San José, your nonprofit, all-volunteer community art and performance center.

Private Conversations: 20 artists (plus you!) paint with Andre Hart, on view through November 13

Inimitable local enigma Andre Hart collaborates with 20 peers to explore and ultimately set aside traditional notions of authorship and individual control in art making. Each work in the exhibition is a collaboration between Andre and one other artist. Working with seasoned professionals to novice painters, our strong-willed project instigator defers to and shares line, texture, and narrative with each artistic partner. Andre has prepared an additional work where visitors can draw into a self portrait of the artist and curator to create a community collaboration over the course of the exhibition.

opening reception: First Friday, October 7, 7-10pm
second chance reception: First Friday, November 4, 7-10pm
exhibition: October 8 through November 13

Enrique Alvarado
Maria Amigo
Ruby Bloo
Phil Bongiorno
Lacey Bryant
Tulio Flores
Force 129
Mathew Heimgartner
Brittni M. Jennings
Felipe Jimenez
Avery Palmer
Anthony Palomo
James Pollard
Alfred Preciado
Jazmyn Saucedo
Maggie So
David Sosa
Monica Valdez
Andre Hart

Vote Your Subconscience: 2016 member exhibition, on view through September 11

Vote Your Subconscience: the 2016 member exhibition

opening reception: First Friday, August 5 from 7pm to 10pm
exhibition: August 6 through September 11

Works’ 2016 member exhibition will be a broad survey of election-year art. From confronting political issues head-on to escaping them altogether, this non-juried exhibit is set to reveal the conscious and subconscious conscience of our artistic electorate. 75 artists who support community art and performance through Works are participating!

Deep at the Surface on view through July 10

Deep at the Surface
opening reception: First Friday, June 3, 7–10pm
exhibition: June 4 through July 10, 2016

curator and artists talk with closing reception: Saturday, July 9, 6pm
admission free, light refreshments served
join the event on Facebook!

Artists Elvira M. Dayel, Sharon Kyle Kuhn, and Victoria Welling construct an invented, fragmented, and reassembled environment. The artists explore the balance and unavoidable conflicts between beauty and repulsion, chaos and order, and the never ending battle to resolve shifting urban realities.

Elvira Dayel explores personal interpretations of reality. New constructs become a vital part of nature, offering a resolution to our struggle to obtain balance in our built environment. Abstracted and delineated shapes depict new landscapes we might all fit into.

Sharon Kyle Kuhn turns the chaos of fragmented pieces of construction debris into orderly compositions that tightly hold together. She explores the small details of urban life that most people would describe as ‘ugly’ or often overlook as irregular pieces of industrial materials.

Victoria Welling explores relationships with nature while stimulating sensory responses with materials, texture, and composition. The result is a body of work that leads the viewer down a path toward sensory overload with a delicate yet bold dialogue between beauty and repulsion.

CALL for Art: 2016 Member Exhibition!

Each member of Works/San José, and those who would like to join or renew, are invited to participate in the member exhibition in August! Please download the CALL for instructions:


exhibition title:
Vote Your Subconscience: the 2016 member exhibition

art delivery (download the CALL for details):
Sunday, July 24, 2 to 4pm, Friday, July 29, 5 to 7pm, or Saturday, July 30, 2 to 4pm
365 South Market Street (Market Street edge of SJ Convention Center building, downtown San José)

opening reception: First Friday, August 5 from 7pm to 10pm
exhibition: August 6 through September 11
annual member meeting and art pick-up party: Sunday, September 11, 4-6pm